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MindSet Mastery System
11 Keys to Take Total Ownership of Your Life

Transform Your Life By Changing Your MindSet! Learn the 11 Keys to Take Total Ownership of Your Life! Are you wanting even more success, better health or closer relationships? What roadblocks keep getting in your way? Fear? Not enough time? You don't feel worthy? People are hungry for a fresh approach to their old problems and are searching for alternative methods to help them have mor...


Travels From: Billings, MT
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Don’t Let Autopilot Crash Your Life
How Your Autopilot Can Crash Your Relationship

Late one night an Airbus took off on a red eye flight halfway across the world. This was an airplane that had an excellent safety record. Three hours into the flight the pilot took his break and turned over the aircraft to the two co-pilots. All were experienced pilots and had flown for many years. Although the pilot knew that there was a severe storm ahead he decided to go ahead and get his sleep...


Travels From: Galt, CA
Fee Range: $500 - $1,000

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“What do you do when life looks ugly?” Character Keynote
When life knocks you down, hang on with humor! - 90 minutes

Lois combines a captivating character performance with her brain injury signature story and shares the emotional journey of adjusting to a sudden life change. Participants are reminded of the power of humor and the magic of laughter. They are stimulated to examine their own response to challenge and adversity. Lois' Secret Weapons strategies equip participants with daily stress busters, so they ca...


Travels From: Missoula, MT
Fee Range: Varies

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