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Beyond the Pink Ribbon
Turning Awareness Into Action

Breast cancer awareness campaigns have succeeded in removing the veil of secrecy about the disease. However, with one and eight women being diagnosed with the disease in her lifetime, isn't it time we start focusing on prevention? In this talk, you’ll hear Kristina's inspirational story about surviving a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer through a combination of conventional and alt...


Travels From: Denver, CO
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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"Unmasking Your Superpowers"
Telling Stories That Equip Today's Leaders

“Everyone has a story to tell. Nestled within each triumphant or disastrous event, lies a Story That Tells a fundamental principle. Learning these principles are the foundation of a healthy, balanced and successful life. It is our responsibility to use our unique, God given talents, to find our place and tell our story.” Thomas Dismukes, Motivational Storyteller, reveals the Super...