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Feed Your Dreams
When they Thrive, You Thrive

"Feed Your Dream" is a perfect keynote or training program for students in colleges and universities. Also great keynote for self-help conventions, and career and/or life expos. The dream you cherish the most has a purpose. It belongs to you and it is supposed to happen to you. If it wasn't it ... wouldn't be inside you. Allowing distance to come between you and your dreams can cause unhap...


Travels From: Glendora, CA
Fee Range: Open

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How To Win Your Woman
The Language of Love.

What is all the emotion about? How do you say the right words, do the right things and how do you understand a woman's words, head and heart? Learn what turns a woman on, and what women want, need, long for and desire. Learn how to Hit a Home Run every time, how to Make and Keep Your Woman Happy (“Happy Wife=Happy Life”). What are the Right Words to Capture and Captivate a woman? Learn what wo...


Travels From: Los Angeles, CA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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The Rule of the Three W's
To get what you want, you have to say what you want

"Wishing is passive. Wanting is powerful; that's why it is trained out of us in our early socialization." Is there something socially unacceptable about saying, "I want that"? One might think so, judging by the number of parents who instinctively respond with, "You can't have it." After enough repetitions, "can't have" starts to sound like "don't bother wanting." And so the innate desire to str...


Travels From: Billings, MT
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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