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Unlocking your true self to find your love

The program's powerful intro starts with the two of us sharing our stories (separately): great retrospectives on the long and winding road through heartbreak, loneliness and hopelessness to each other. But then we ask why? We take what we've learned through this process and help the audience discover what questions they need to ask themselves about this crazy dating/relationship process. Who a...


Travels From: New York, NY
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Women, Food, And Desire: Soul Food For The Female Leader
Embrace Your Cravings, Make Peace With Food, Reclaim Your Body + Your Life

What would the world be like if every person loved their body and felt no shame about their desires? Every day most of us experience the discomfort of living in a body that doesn’t match the ideal images we see in the media. Every day most women, and not a few men, feel caught in a cycle of shame, toxic thoughts, health woes, and “shoulding” about their bodies, diet, and life choices. ...


Travels From: New York City, NY
Fee Range: Varies

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Sound the Alarm! Teen Dating Violence is not a LOVING Swag
This program can also be delivered at colleges, conferences, and in the community - PTA organizations, Youth Organizations

Sound the Alarm! Teen Dating Violence Is Not a LOVING Swag is an awareness and prevention program that presents the issues, cause and effects of teen dating violence. It addresses the early signals and indicators of trouble, and discuss strategies to get help, get out, and set a new standard for safe, non-abusive, healthy, and loving relationships moving forward. This program can also be delive...


Travels From: Baltimore, MD
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Make your Heart Smart
Based on the book "Mr. Right Won't Bite Until Mr. Wrong is Gone; 10 Steps to Bait Mr. Right by Becoming the Confident Ms. Right."

"Make your Heart Smart” is based on her book "Mr. Right Won't Bite Until Mr. Wrong is Gone; 10 Steps to Bait Mr. Right by Becoming the Confident Ms. Right. This keynote is perfect for relationship events. It can also work great for high school and college students. In this program Susan teaches self-confidence, emotional intelligence and independence. This program is about finding the lo...


Travels From: Glendora, CA
Fee Range: Open

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Making Relationships Matter
David Coleman has been named the National Collegiate Speaker of the Year an astounding 14 times!

After the text messages, IM's, email, pokes, winks, chats and videos have ended...a couple will ultimately have to meet face-to-face if they want things to progress further. Then, they must rely upon the interpersonal skills they have (or have not) developed and rely on the experience (or lack thereof) they have from previous relationships. Reporting "on-line" to be "in a relationship" is a far c...


Travels From: Cincinnati, OH
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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