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​Sales Won't Save Your Business
The professional's guide to boosting your bottom line

Sales is not the only way to solve all problems in your business. Joe Pardo will show you how to get off the sales treadmill by setting up efficient processes in your business to save time and most of all, money. Utilizing organizational skills, technology, and research he has used to help make his family’s $100 Million enterprise a success.


Travels From: Clarksboro, NJ
Fee Range: Varies

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Communicating With Impact
Mastering the Art of the Tough Conversation

Do you have a tough conversation you know you need to have, but are avoiding at all costs? Have you ever regretted not having a tough conversation, as you watched someone you truly care about get into deeper trouble by repeating a pattern you didn't address? If you knew someone had your very best interest at hear, would you want them to tell you the truth? One of the greatest gifts you can give an...


Travels From: Baltimore, MD
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Five Actions to Accelerate Upward Mobility
For women who want to move up in their Careers

Anne successfully rose to the top of her field in a male dominated company. She shares the five essential behaviors that she embodied versus her female counterparts that did not move up as quickly. Through a combination of concepts, stories, activities, and Q & A, Anne delivers simple actions to combat complex issues, a trademark of her programs. After attending, women have clear steps and pr...


Travels From: Seattle, WA
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Killer Customer Service:
Trends in Consumer Experience

Because consumer expectations are often set and shaped outside your industry, it is likely that your offerings have fallen out of sync with the increasing desires of your customers. In this exceptional presentation, global trends expert Daniel Levine introduces you to the evolution of expectations that is raising the bar on customer care. You will explore new ways in which consumers are researchin...


Travels From: New York, NY
Fee Range: Over $10,000

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Access and Activate Your Brilliance!
Live the life you were meant to live

We all have a zone of brilliance from which, when we operate, just about anything is possible. Most people never figure out how to live in that space. They have mastered their cleverly crafted stories of how they must settle for the life they have created up to this point. STOP IT! The thought of it can be daunting. It’s a matter of taking full responsibility for one’s own life. W...


Travels From: Sacramento, CA
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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