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Leveraging those around you.

By finding like-minded people and utilizing their leadership abilities, or lack thereof, you can create an environment where team members can exceed their own potential.


Travels From: Phoenix, AZ
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Blind Ambition: Cultivating a Energetic Team
Define organization vision, values, and vivacity.
“Attitude of Championship Teams”
Championship Teams have NO “BENCHWARMERS”

It’s impossible to obtain any sort of long-lasting success without the help of others. Championship teams don’t just preach teamwork; they cultivate and foster it every day so it permeates their entire organization. Aaron shares the best practices of successful teams and characteristics of being an amazing teammate! Presentation Outcomes: Individuals will learn the key components of succ...


Travels From: Lincoln, NE
Fee Range: Varies

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Success Strategies for Team Building
5 Transformational Strategies to Develop Result-Focused Teams

Everyone wants to feel that they are on a winning team, their organization is making an impact, and that they are an integral part of the group. Building a winning team requires more than just hiring a bunch of talented people. It requires a vision that people can rally around, measurable goals and a clear action plan so that everyone is moving in the same direction toward the desired outcome. ...


Travels From: Dover, DE
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Leadership and Teambuilding: My Experiences at CIA
Working together in a Stressful Environment

Discussion will include: 1) What does CIA and Private Sector have in common? (answer: a lot!) 2) Characteristics of team building, 3) Working together in the US Intel Community 4) Working Across Cultural/Language Barriers: Why Diversity Counts! 5) My best team building practices from CIA - "war stories"


Travels From: Reading, PA
Fee Range: $500 - $1,000

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