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Motivate and naviagate your team through challenging times.
Dynamics Discovered

Developed to motivate and navigate your team through challenging times in life and the workplace. If you feel your organization needs to be recharged then this presentation is for you. Damus's power packed presentation will help your team recharge their human batteries so they can produce more and overcome the challenges faced in life and the workplace. Today’s world is ever changing and becaus...


Travels From: Metro Detroit, MI
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Brilliance Through Resilience
The Never Say Die Approach to Life and Business

This program delivers its motivating message of "stick to itness" and perseverance by highlighting examples of people who have accomplished so much despite having been "dealt a bad hand" or having been incapacitated by illness. The spirit of the program is based, in part, upon the personal experiences of the author who survived a life threatening, career ending illness only to lose two uncles and...


Travels From: Colchester, CT
Fee Range: Available upon request

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American Freedom
Lessons Learned from Buddy, America's First Seeing Eye Dog

Few people know the story of the first seeing eye dog in this country but it is a story that speaks to American courage, Until 1929 anyone with a vision difficulty had to rely on friends or neighbors to help them out. Independence was nonexistent for them. Then Buddy, a trained seeing eye dog, arrived on U.S. soil in 1929 with his new owner Morris Frank. Together the two of them changed t...


Travels From: Los Angeles, CA
Fee Range: $500 - $1,000

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Soul on Fire
Powerful Passions That Create Great Leaders

This is all about passion, all about believing again, and all about achievement and success, in even the little things! This can be done as a stand-alone presentation, or combines perfectly with Refined by Fire and other programs to create a half-day or full day seminar. Key learning points for Soul on Fire: • Believe in the impossible dream • Dispensing hope in others’ lives ...


Travels From: Chicago, IL
Fee Range: Varies

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Motivational Speaking
Achieve More Every Day

This is a fun, accessible approach to making more of your own skills and talents. Class or speech serves as an intro to Elisabeth's Keystone Habits, and how to use them to achieve more in your professional life. Personal anecdotes illustrate many of the concepts. Can be used as a 1/2 day seminar or a keynote speech. In this case, learning and development aren't just painless, they're a pretty g...


Travels From: Buffalo, NY
Fee Range: Open

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