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The Power of Resiliency
The (7) Break-Through principles for More Success, Money and Happiness in Life- Starting Today.

To be successful in today’s world requires us to have knowledge and skill; however, knowledge and skill alone does not guarantee success. The goals we want to achieve and the success we want to have is determined by our Resiliency. Our ability to bounce back from setbacks and move forward with clarity, confidence and certainty is the key. In this program, you will learn how to use your resilienc...


Travels From: Chicago, IL and Orlando, FL, IL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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GET MOTIVATED: Live The Life You Imagine!
You Must Believe In Your Dream To Make It A Reality!

Nineteen years ago, I took a leap of faith and turned a $200.00 loan and a dream of helping students into a small business. Four years after that, I resigned from my corporate position to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship full-time and made millions of dollars. It has been the best financial decision I've ever made. Now it's your turn! What are you waiting for? Let me inspire you by sharing my s...


Travels From: Detroit, MI
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Fight back: rebuild
OverComing Misfortune Series

Part of his "Overcoming Misfortune" Series. Fight back: rebuild is a foundation of success focusing on rising up from a failure. We all fail, it's how we respond to that failure that important. David Catapano's proven system will prepare you for the fight of your life and the mastery of your success


Travels From: NYC, NY
Fee Range: Varies

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Unleash YOUR Champion TM*

In 2000, Roland and the St. Louis Rams made NFL history by becoming the ONLY team to go from worst to first in one season. In his childhood, Roland made history escaping a life of hardship and poverty to extraordinary success. This revealing presentation will touch hearts, challenge beliefs and motivate audience members to begin implementing the five critical keys to personal and business transfor...


Travels From: Los Angeles
Fee Range: Over $10,000

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The 7 Stages Of Overcoming Life's Obstacles
From Her Book: (Launch April 1) My Life Begins Next Monday...

This is based on Shari's life experiences: from being a high school drop out, 3 babies by 21, degree at 40, car accident that she had to learn how to control head movement, to a son that has paranoid schizophrenia. Through it all, she learned what it takes to persevere and how people act and react to obstacles. Once you are aware of them, you can make a plan of how to move on.


Travels From: Knoxville, TN
Fee Range: Open

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