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Act Now!
How to Tap Into All 3 Types of Action to Easily

Many of us set goals. We’re driven by high aspirations of a better life with better results. We know that we need to convert our vision into discrete goals that will make our vision a reality. Despite the goals we set, we often find them elusive. No matter what books we’ve read or training we’ve attended, there’s still something critical we need to do. Take Action! By taking action w...


Travels From: Hartford, CT
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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IMPACT!...Make It Happen
Leadership that Produces Results

This interesting and interactive session, complete with stories and real-world anecdotes, will provide you with practical, tangible points that include: 1. How to articulate your message and provide direction 2. Learn the five critical steps that will increase your ability to inspire action 3. Identify key leadership behaviors to embrace and those to avoid 4. Foster a workplace culture that ...


Travels From: Boston, MA
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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That First Step's a Doozy
It's Time to Move Into Management

So it's time to make the move, you think. In this presentation, Jim will help you figure out the process involved in moving into management. When that is done, Jim will help you find the leadership style that fits you the best. Then, the important step of figuring out if your leadership style is the best fit for your current company. Relationships will change, both above and below you. Ther...


Travels From: Chicago, IL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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7 Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say
Practical Tools to Build Engaged, Productive, Innovative Teams

Engaged and motivated teams are essential to your success. In this presentation, participants will receive tools to cultivate an innovative, responsible, results-oriented team. These tools have the potential to double productivity, leverage your time by a factor of ten, and maximize your credibility. You don't need buckets of charisma - they just need to hear you say these seven things.


Travels From: Denver, CO
Fee Range: Open

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What the Hot, Hell-in-Heels Heathens Can Teach You About Life, Love, Leadership & the Lord!