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Stay Coachable
Four Keys to Individual Improvement

A Four Part Recipe for Personal Development Tired of your present plateau and ready to supercharge your performance? The best way to develop your team is to improve yourself and the individuals you work with, and this talk shares the four part recipe for continuous individual improvement. From identifying your current reality and being honest about your situation to creating the habits and dis...


Travels From: Atlanta, GA
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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The 3 C's to Get More Clients Quickly
It's as simple as clarity, control and confidence!

Do you wonder why others are busy with clients, and growing their business when you are struggling? Are you ready to learn what they already know? In this talk you will learn the 3 C’s to help you get more clients quickly and easily. It’s the difference between where you are today and where you will be once you implement each C within your business. In this talk you'll learn how to achieve de...


Travels From: Seattle, WA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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The Truth About Success: Being the Best vs. Being Consistently Chosen
Get Chosen!

The Truth About Success:Being the Best vs. Being Consistently Chosen/ Success is more than being good at what you do; it's about being consistently chosen to do it. Daryl helps people to understand why their products, services or leadership styles or those of their competitors are selected. People don't necessarily choose what's best; they choose what they are most comfortable with, whether it's ...


Travels From: Sacramento, CA
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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The Black and While of Relathionship Building
Learn unique creative ways to implement team building. Increase positive attitudes with emotional bonding and respect to build a productive buiness.

This program will be presented by Charlene Young, OTR/L and Don Homegabe. Charlene will provide the basic physiological and psychological reasoning for understanding and managing personality difference.. Don and Char will come together to present reasonable and feasible techniques that can be utilized to promote cultural integration in the workplace. Knowledge is power! Most often co-workers do ...


Travels From: Brownsville, TX
Fee Range: Available upon request

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The Debt Free Startup
How to start a debt free business

The #1 reason for small business failure is cash flow problems. In starting one of my businesses I found that being debt free allowed me not have those cash flow problems. This message is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs start a business debt free.


Travels From: Tampa, FL
Fee Range: $500 - $1,000

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