Richard Flint

Richard Flint


A no-nonsense approach to handling life's common struggles.


Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000
Travels from Newport News, VA (US)

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Richard Flint
Mr. Richard Flint - Motivational Speaker

Richard Flint Seminars International

A no-nonsense approach to handling life's common struggles.


Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000
Travels from Newport News, VA

Richard Flint - Motivational Speaker

Richard Flint

Richard Flint Seminars International

A no-nonsense approach to handling life's common struggles.


Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000
Travels from: Newport News, VA

For more information about booking Richard Flint,
Or call SpeakerMatch at 1-866-372-8768.

5 Reasons Your Dream Is Important

March 13, 2012

As I am writing this I am sitting on a US Airways flight scooting across the sky on my way to Charlotte, to connect to go to Toronto. I got up this morning, showered, finished packing, looked in the mirror and thought to myself, Another day, another airplane. Since 1978, this has been my life airport, airplane, taxi, hotel, do my presentation and then, back in the taxi, back to the airport, another plane and another city. So many people say to me, I would love to have your life, and I think, Yea, you would like to have it until you had to do it.

Dont get me wrong, I LOVE what I do. There is nothing I would rather be doing than sharing my research and insights with audiences all over the world. I love reaching out to people from all walks of life and helping them understand, There is more to your life than what you have experienced up to now. There is an adventure waiting for you! What I do is a calling; it is a crusade that brings me happiness, fulfillment and abundance. It is not something just anyone can do. You have to feel from the inside out this is the life you were put on this earth to live. And, I believe that!

People ask me constantly, Why do you do this?

My response is, This is my purpose in life!

I get some strange looks when I say that. So many people just settle in their life. Are they happy? NO! But, they feel safe in the routine they have created for their life. The concept of feeling safe is such an interesting emotional process. I believe God put us on this earth for growth, for adventure, to have a life where each day is an experience of improvement. For so many that is such a foreign concept. They dont realize without risk, adventure, and seeking ways to improve they are actually trapped in their Circle of Sameness. In that Circle, they may feel ok, but most dont feel fulfilled. They just exist in their day and create a routine of existence.

So many have told me, Its ok for now. Someday I will have time for the life I really want.

I listen and know inside it is a story without a path to achievement. They are designing the life they will have with the behavior they are practicing.

Other times when people ask me, Why are you doing this?  My response is, Because I am living my dream. I am having fun!

Again, this is a foreign concept for many. When they were young, they had what they called a dream, but in reality it was a sketch in their imagination they never fed so over a period of time it got buried under all the reasons and excuses about why they couldnt do it. Without realizing what they were doing, they were giving up on the life they could have had and settling for the existence that would become their trap.

The word Dream is such an interesting word. Many confuse it with a goal, but a dream is not a goal!

A dream is a sketch in your imagination that each day is looking for the nourishment that will fuel the desire that keeps it at the center of adventure and challenges you to continue to reach for the horizon, even if you dont have a clear picture of what it is.

Dreams are so important to your life! Why?

They give you a direction! How many people do you know who get up each day and wander in their repetitive circle of living? There is no adventure to their life. What they fail to realize is without direction you are trapped in your own self-created wilderness. Direction gives you a sense of purpose. It allows your imagination to plan beyond the moment you are standing in. How important is that?

Dreams give you a reason to get up and get going! I remember my conversation with Deb. I had just finished my program, No Limits, and I could tell by her demeanor as she approached, she was in a funk!

She stared at me for a moment, leaned in and said in a questioning voice, I dont know if I like you or hate you!

I just smiled and waited for her to continue.

You just described my life in detail. I am lost and know it, but dont know what to do. I used to be that dreamer you were talking about, but every time I shared my dream with the people in my life, they would just laugh and tell me I needed to get real. I guess when you hear that enough you start to believe it. Recently, I have found myself restless and not happy with where I am. Its like this little girl that used to dream all the time has been awakened and wants out to play. My problem is I dont have a clue what she wants to do. You talked about needing a direction; I dont have one. You talked about a reason to get up in the morning; I dont have that either. I wake up in the morning, stare out the window and just pull the covers back over my head. Im hiding from my life. No, I guess I am actually running from the fact I dont have a life!

She was right on. The dream that little girl had that got buried was resurfacing and screaming to get out. Do you know how many Debs there are out there?

Dreams energize your life. When your dream is alive within you, you are charged; you get up seeking the meaning of the day in front of you. That sketch, that dream when fueled, creates the desire to know the unknown, gives you the passion to continue when the terrain gets tough. It motivates you and that energy creates PASSION!

Ralph came to the front of the room, flopped down in a chair and just started laughing. I just love your energy. You are like a lightening bolt that reaches from the inside of you and zaps people in your audience.

There was a pause as the expression on his face changed. I used to be like you. I got up in the morning charged for the day. I couldnt wait to see what the day was going to bring me. I knew no matter what it was I could learn from it. I was alive, dreaming and every day excited!

Again a pause and a look jumping from his eyes now filled with sadness. Then, one day it was gone. I lost my mojo and havent been able to get it back. It was like one day you are alive and the next day you are internally dead. To be honest with you, I dont like this me I am now. I want that other me to come back. I want to get back to dreaming, to finding the purpose in each day, to being alive with energy. Without my dream to get me up, get me going and fuel me with energy, I am simply a shell existing in a world I dont like.

Do you think there are other Ralphs out there? Do you have any idea of how many people get up each day with a dead spirit? They were once alive with energy, but today exist in their world with nothing to really build on. Its like their internal circuit breaker has been tripped.

Dreams provide you with anticipation! Your mind likes a challenge. It likes to color each day with optimism. It knows where you have been, what you have learned, what you want to do and knows you can do it! Thats anticipation. Thats what allows you to step into the unknown with controlled fear. Thats what opens the door to adventure. Thats what takes you out of the Circle of Sameness and frees you to be the person God put you on this earth to be. Thats the freedom to live!

Dr. Charlie Sink is one of my favorite people in the entire world. I met Charlie and Vonda at a Growth Seminar I was doing. His energy, his presence, his hunger to learn drew me to him. Charlie and Vonda became two of my Private Coaching Students. As I got to know Charlie, I soon learned that he was ok with what he was doing (Real Estate Investing), but not satisfied with his life. It was like he was just filling time with moments of activity.

Charlie had left the world of veterinarian medicine because he wasnt happy working with vets who used the emotional pain a client was feeling for their pet to take them to the cleaners. Being a vet was his passion and his pain. When he realized he couldnt change the industry, he physically left, but mentally never detached.

During our working together, I would ask him, Charlie, why do you think God put you on this earth? Do you think you are doing with your life what your talents say you should be doing?

In the beginning he hated me asking that question, but I knew Charlie Sink was not in sync with his dream. We started talking about him opening his own clinic.

Back in Cheyenne, Wyoming he had his own clinic, but when he moved to Phoenix, he worked for other doctors. What Charlie saw was against what Charlie thought veterinarian medicine should be. He couldnt handle what he saw being done to individuals because of the love they had for their pets!

Vonda and I kept challenging him to open his mind to having his own clinic. I challenged him to look at his skills, his talents and see if he was living his dream. His response was, I dont know! Inside he knew, but if he admitted it, he would have to do something about it. The more we talked about his passion, his gifts, what he wanted for his life, the more Charlie started seeing the impact he could have on the industry he loved.

Finally, Charlie realized God had put him on this earth to be a veterinarian. He had known that was his calling since he was a child. He grew to understand, you dont help things to improve by running away. You help by standing up and making a statement through what you do.

With that came the birth of Grand Paws Veterinarian Clinic. If you could meet Dr. Sink today, you would find a man who is Living His Dream! He is back in sync with his God given talent; he is making a difference by what he is doing in and with his practice. When was the last time you say a Veterinarian Clinic where the waiting area was full and people were standing outside to get in, and they didnt mind waiting to have their pet treated by Dr. Sink?

Once Charlie got back in sync with whom he is and the purpose of his life, he lives with the anticipation of the Clinic growing (although, if it grows much more, he is going to have to find a bigger place) and him being able to help as many people as possible.

I love being around him, feeling his passion, watching his mind sketch the next dimension of his dream and seeing his spirit alive because he is living his dream!

Can you say, I am living my dream? Would it be more honest to say, I am searching for my purpose in life? Your dream is ALIVE inside you just waiting for you to take that deep breath, trust yourself and step forward with the faith that really can move mountains.

Dreams make today a source of joy and tomorrow a waiting room filled with opportunities. When you are not living your dream, you cant experience the real meaning of joy. When you are not daily experiencing what you feel is the purpose of you being on this earth, you cant see tomorrow as any different than today. As hard as you may try, without a sketch your imagination is drawing, you will lack clarity of purpose, calmness that sees beyond the confusion and the confidence that makes the unknown a time of opportunity. You will be locked in your world of sameness talking about a tomorrow that is a blank page.

Dusty is one of the finest young men you will ever meet. I met him while doing a program in Sioux Falls. His energy, his passion, his zest for life were the first things I saw in him. His words to me were, I am at a crossroads in my life. What I am doing with my life I thought I would do the rest of my life, but Ive learned to never lock yourself into one dream. Dont get me wrong; I really do like what I do, but the passion I once had is just not there any more.

He paused, looked at me with his mouth posed to speak, Can I ask you a question, and you wont think Ive lost my mind in asking you this?

I smiled and said, Lay it on me!

My business is very successful, and I make a good living, but, and it is a BIG but, I am thinking about selling it and going to Bible College. Now the few people I have said this to have all thought I was crazy. Why would I give up a successful business and do that? I just feel it is what I am supposed to be doing. I get up each day, do my work, come home and feel there is something missing. It is that missing part that just keeps nagging at me. Do you think Im crazy for thinking this way?

Dusty, in life you learn most of the advice people give you is their opinion, not their belief. Most people wouldnt even conceive doing what you are thinking about doing. They are trapped in their own little world by the fear of what might happen if they really started dreaming and decided to reach for their dream. You must listen to what you know, not what you fear. If you feel this is what you are to do with your life, do it! It is your life, not theirs. To deny yourself the adventure is to shut the door on today and change the plan for tomorrow.

Richard, as I am standing here, I have an inner peace and a feeling of joy thinking about doing it. I know if I dont, I will always wonder about what I missed and not know what opportunities I missed. I have just got to do it!

Did he do it? You bet! When I talk to him he is one happy young man. He is living his dream. He is standing in the moment where he feels he belongs preparing for the opportunities that are in front of him.


Would you say you are living your dream? Would you say you are where you want to be in your life? Is fear in anyway holding you a hostage and keeping you from stepping forward and experiencing the real meaning of life?

Living your Dream is the key to your inner motivation. It is the source of your spirit being alive with power and your imagination with a big box of crayons ready to color your sketch with meaning, purpose, and abundance.


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